Out of Many, One Music

About Pangea Lounge Radio

The Perfect Place for True-Blue Lovers of Music

Pangea Lounge Radio is an Afrocentric urban music lounge established in 2015. We feature renowned as well as new talents from all around the world, with the purpose of reminding people that despite our differences, we all have a common ground: a shared love for music.

Our Mission

We aim to unite people across the globe through positive music.

Showcasing the Beauty of Afro Music

Nowadays, a lot of music genres have begun to emerge. Because style and trends are constantly changing, chances are you wouldn’t really be able to listen to all kinds of music.

At Pangea Lounge Radio, we place Afro music in the spotlight. Each song is carefully selected by content, making sure that it conveys a positive message. We don't stick to a script–no talk, only uninterrupted music that will surely please your ears and calm your soul.

The type of songs we play is perfect for any occasion. Check out Pangea Lounge Radio today, and enjoy nonstop Afro music to your heart’s content.

Play Your Favorite Song Anytime, Anywhere

Did you hear a song in Pangea Lounge Radio that you can’t seem to get out of your head? No worries! Now, you can play your well-loved songs anytime you want to. For your convenience, you can download the song of your choice in an mp3 format from reputable sources.